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Tactile music is an exciting new way to enjoy music. 

CyMagic's installation turns sounds into vibrations in a bowl of water, creating a musical experience you can touch.

In the last few years, we've been involved in creating inclusive sound experiences that allow anyone on the hearing spectrum enjoy music.

Touching the sounds with Beethoven

Winner of 2018 Inclusive Israel award.

An inclusive music show co created with the Israeli Chamber Music Orchestra. The show tells the tale of the deaf composer Beethoven, losing his hearing and continuing to create music. The show introduces the composer and the audience to Cymatics, giving live and interactive demonstrations using CyMagic art.

Touching the sounds is now available on


Live Music for deaf children

Children with disabilities who live away from the city centers suffer from the fact that interesting activities that excite the senses often do not reach them. It is precisely the population that need this diversity and creativity that do not receive a response.

Following the excitement we encountered in the deaf and hard of hearing community, we continued our work with deaf children, in their schools.

Using crowd funding to get the ball rolling, we produced musical events in countless schools across Israel and Palestine.

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